Neck, Back, Soft Tissue

Soft tissue injuries can be physically and emotionally devastating. While broken bones may heal reasonably well in a short period of time—as little as 2 to 6 months—soft tissue injuries can be serious enough to impact the rest of your life.

  • Soft tissue injuries can present emotional challenges.
  • Soft tissue injuries don’t show up on an x-ray and they are even unlikely to show up on an MRI.
  • Due to the limitations of medical science, caregivers, treatment providers and even doctors may question your injuries.
  • We understand that soft tissue injuries can result in chronic pain.

We will assist you to obtain assessments from qualified medical experts who are experienced in dealing with soft tissue pain. The experts we retain are highly qualified medical professionals and they understand the limitations of medical scans. They understand that pain is subjective and they will work with you and your doctors to present a range of treatments that are right for you. While each person is different, there are a wide range of possible treatments.

We understand your pain

and we will assist you to get the right help. The experts that we retain may include: kinesiologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical medicine/rehabilitation specialists, occupational therapists, personal fitness trainers, neurologists and psychologists.

We are here to help you through this. Please allow us to consult with you free of charge.